Burgers,bacon,Mac an cheese- a match made in heaven?

So after an impromptu night of drinking on Friday there was no way I was in any mood to cook on Saturday, which gave me the perfect opportunity to visit one of my favourite haunts from law school -Spanky’s Van Dykes.

Spanky’s is a chilled out slightly alternative music venue, with a reputation for incredible burgers and fried chicken. Although I am hardly the best person to comment on the standards of music ( as my boyfriend would be quick to verify) I do love a good burger and the variety there is second to none. As well as a variety of suggested burgers (including a monster munch and emmental burger?!) they also have a whole host of toppings if you prefer to ‘make-your-own’. You can check out the complete menu here

Sadly they were out of monster munch on Saturday, and so I settled for designing my own perfect burger…after a long internal struggle over the traditional (blue cheese and bacon) vs the alternative or obscure (peanut butter and jam) I finally settled for the middle ground- 1/4 pounder topped with bacon and homemade mac n cheese. 

After a very reasonable wait time, my burger arrived…and I was not disappointed. Fat, creamy, melt in the mouth macaroni spilling out from a perfectly cooked, meaty burger,topped with hot crispy bacon….pure heaven!The only slight disappointment was the fries…these used to be skinny double cooked fries but appear to have been replaced with chunkier chips which reminded me of the type you get from a chip shop…nice but nothing special.

One thing I did love was the wide range of condiments: ketchup, mustard, mayo, 3 kinds of Tabasco, hot sauce (plus a few I can’t remember).

Overall this is a great venue with a wide variety of burgers to suit every taste. Add in a good range of beers( Sierra Nevada is usually available on draft) and you have a winning combination for a lazy Saturday afternoon.



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