Frugal Eats

Eating on the cheap doesn’t have to mean you have to sacrifice quality, taste or flavour. Here is a selection of my favourite frugal recipes – ones I rely on day in day out and will hopefully help you save a few pennies whilst still being able to enjoy your food. I will keep adding new recipes as I come across them, so keep checking back.

I think one of the most important things to remember when trying to save money is BE FLEXIBLE. If a recipe calls for kidney beans but you only have chick-peas just try replacing them. It may not always work out, but you may find you end up with an even tastier recipe than you expected.

You should also make sure you also have plenty of seasonings and spices to hand when cooking. These are are a really good way of adding flavour to meals with very little cost. I am a big fan of dried chilli flakes, but if you like things a little less spicy why not try a basic mixed italian herbs.

I have tried to give an estimate of what these meals cost, but as a lot of my ingredients come from my abel and cole veg box I had had to guess at some of the prices. It is always worth checking your nearby supermarkets for special offers – you may even be able to make things cheaper than I have stated!

Butternut squash and kidney bean burgers – 28p per burger (for 6)


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